ParaDrum Parachute Lifts

Base: Andersen Air Force Base

Location: Yigo, Guam

Architect: Navy Crane Center

Contractor: Modern International, Inc.

Agency: Department Of The Navy

Completion Date: March 2021

Project Details:

First opened in 1944 as North Field, Andersen AFB served as a B-29 staging base during WWII. The base was renamed after former Chief of Staff for the Army Air Force, Pacific, who was lost at sea in 1945. Andersen AFB is a strategic air command base. The (18) ParaDrum Parachute Lifts that were installed in the paraloft tower there will keep the paratroopers stationed there and the equipment they use safe for years to come.

(18) PD-1500 Parachute Lifts
1,500 LBS. Capacity
65 FT. Travel

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